Using masks after treatment melasma

After just five, if the skin is not cared for will easily lead to the appearance of skin pigmentation or skin again faced with many problems such as thin skin, prone to irritation ...

Treatment of skin pigmentation makes the process much eroded. So that not only in the pigmentation treatment, even after the end of treatment methods you still need to really pay attention to the skin care segment. It is about time the skin is very sensitive, maybe even slightly weak call. If not careful, you could cause skin accidentally chance encounter other problems more serious, even skin pigmentation reappear.

After melasma treatment still need to be cared for
And one of the treatments of common skin sister 's mask . However, the mask , the skin often have difficulty choosing a mask for skin pigmentation after treatment increasingly higher requirements . Here are a few notes in the use of masks pigmentation after treatment .
- Only use the type mask nature is gentle , no bleach skin peeling . So you should choose the type of mask as cucumbers , potatoes , milk . Do not use absolute core holes and avoid using lemon , lemon juice is concentrated .
- Do not mask too long , just use the mask for about 10-15 minutes . Too long mask mask will absorb water and nutrients back , backfire skin care .
- Do not mask too often , preferably about 2-3 times / week . Mask too often can cause problems like blocked pores , skin prone to irritation ...
In addition, after treatment of melasma , a few things that can not be ignored is to avoid the sun , getting enough sleep and drink plenty of water . Because your skin is weak and not able to recover so suntan protection , sunscreen should be rigorous , ensuring skin is not tanned , bronzed and burnt .


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