Cure acne chest, back, arms and legs like

Treatment of the underlying cause : still follow the general principles of acne :
- Body treatments geothermal ( hot ) by means of blood into energy .
- To regulate endocrine secretion greasy , decreased sweating of the skin .
- Increase the resistance and destroy bacteria Propionibacterium acnes .
- Re- create waterproof skin cells and anti- scarring makes smooth light skin .

" We need Elite " is formulated from traditional medicine , " we need to scale " has been around for almost one century , by reason of encouragement , a renowned physician - Kim Song Dynasty ( China ) creation . Vien Dong Li (1180 - 1251) in the fray in the period between the Golden and Mongol army , people living in spirit always provoked anxiety , eating and lack of activity makes erratic sickness easily arise , especially those caused by low temperatures that are typical of the liver , bile and urinary . In this context he invented an antidote that " we need to lift " effect elimination of pathogens simultaneously on hepatobiliary system and the urinary system , the mechanism by which the disease is treated radical treatment . Acne is caused by the heat of liver and kidney , in addition to acne treatment " Elite we need " also very good treatment for hepatitis , urinary tract infection . Elimination of pathogens simultaneously on biliary and urinary system , is the difference of " Elite we need ."

Medicinal " We need to scale " was also included in the Ministry of Health Vietnam Pharmacopoeia books - classic books of the pharmaceutical industry Vietnam .


Diets hot spicy food such as chilli , garlic , pepper , ginger , mango , lychee , plum , wine , dogs ... to prevent disease recurrence .
Topical treatment : no difference when the tiny pimples can combine traditional medical methods used needles for clean people get acne easily and thoroughly .
" Elite we need to " be firm Y LD purified South Vietnamese senior producer in capsule form so handy , easy to drink , safe and highly effective . Buy " Can Tinh Hoa Ta " also available at favorable for the provinces in the country . View addresses buy " Elite we need "




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