Criteria for selection of hair removal Sao Vietnam

Belong to the fair sex , Luu Huong Giang always sympathize with the desire flawless skin of his girlfriend . Therefore, in March - the month dedicated to women , spa systems singer Huong Giang Save 76-86 % preference for permanent hair removal treatment New E - Light new generation .

Accordingly , if you buy 3 areas , you 'll get 20% off , buy 2 get the 15 % discount , buy 1 get the 10 % discount , except for cash directly . At the same time , you are offered 4 sessions (approximately 66 % ) when purchasing the course of 6 .
New Permanent Hair Removal E - Light in Saigon next generation technology Smile Spa is why Vietnam is much preferred .
Wise and perfectionist in the way of beauty , what is the criteria that give showbiz beauties to choose permanent hair reduction method ?

When permanent hair removal or perform any public service beauty , the stars are often factors to consider : effectiveness , safety , science , the utility recently , time-saving and New Technology E - Light version can meet that requirement .

Permanent hair removal technology was born not too long ago but with the technological advances of beauty from the U.S. and Europe, this technology is increasingly achieved admirable achievements . New Technology E - Light hair removal new generation combines advantages of light IPL and RF electromagnetic waves , has been inspected and certified by FDA and CE , safe and skin friendly , not any damage and effective hair removal .

New Technology E - Light hair removal new version of the system applied in Saigon Smile Spa is very much the star selection and satisfaction : Miss Thuy Lam , Dan Le Actor , singer Miss Phuong Ha ... Lam Thuy especially appreciate the therapeutic principle of modern technology , " Thuy Lam enjoyed the beauty friendly methods , principles of natural , simple but effective ."

With very gentle treatment , IPL light in the new version has the ability to " navigation " in deep folliculitis , find the root of the hair growth , impact until about 3 weeks to cut off the supply of nutrients the hairs causing them to be eliminated from the germ was . Thus , effective hair removal is radical , and radical to 99 % . This energy source also helps narrow the hair follicles , making it harder to hairs grow back .

Busy with family , work and community projects , one of the criteria is quite " strict " the star of the beauty there is to save time and effort . With permanent hair removal technology , combining more RF waves also have the effect of strong proliferative collage and elastin , making the skin becomes firmer , smoother . Thus, simultaneously with the permanent hair reduction treatments , skin care is also positive . Only 1 session / month , after 6 sessions , the therapist will completely skin smooth , healthy from within .

Miss Thuy Lam, MC Dan Le
love the gentle treatment of the New-Elight technology advanced.



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