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I'm Kim Nhung, 20 years old, is studying his current pedagogical universities in Hanoi. You know, about five months ago, on my face there are many bumps that grow around the eye full. Then you have to learn and apply natural therapies to cure acne from meat and good results. I will reveal to you the way meat acne 1 below for beautiful skin. Do not ignore your light, it would be useful there.

1. The lemon juice

Lemon helps acne efficient meat

Acne Treatment meat first revealed his wish for you is to use lemon juice. Lemon does not have to search very easy, just to be fair to both lemon and 1 bag. Lemon essential oils are not oily purge effect, fight infection, has antiseptic properties and astringent pores should be used to treat skin disorders such as warts, vitiligo and acne, especially meat .

How do you perform very well okay: Get 1 lemon, cut it in half, and then squeezed lemon juice to 1 cup small. Next, take 1 piece of cotton dipped in lemon juice and rub the bumps on each. Perform regular way will certainly bring high efficiency.

2. Garlic

Acne meat is removed quickly by fresh garlic

Garlic is available ingredients in your kitchen cabinets of family. Garlic not only makes the sauce bowl in family meals more charming, but also have the ability to treat acne more meat there. It is not any surprise.

To treat acne with garlic meat, you do the following: Get 1 cloves garlic, peeled, smashed and get 1 clean cloth or sterile gauze wrapped gently wipe the acne. Then rinse with clean water. This way you do not do often, only 2 doses 1 month only helps significantly reduce the bumps.


3. Peel bananas

Banana peels can also help treat acne effectively meat

Banana peels for acne meat , very strange to not hear you , but how effective is quite high . In the banana peel contains a lot of ingredients accelerate oxidation , vitamin A , E , C , ... and have a large effect in preventing aging and acne meat . You take a banana peel rub it directly onto the meat acne , this way you can make any time possible. Acne meat will soon be removed .

Unveiled meat acne treatment effective and safe

Despite the possible ways of eliminating bumps on skin but it is only suitable for cases of acne grows less , to appear , while in the long pimples without much effect . How to really help her remove the meat longtime acne on your skin is Co2 Fractional Laser .


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