Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is a new technology, with IPL technology will help you comfortably and confidently show off legs arms forever beautiful smooth white outfits with sexy fashion ...

Permanent Hair Removal 600.000/lan down 40% remaining 360.000/lan

A permanent hair removal course of about 6-10 times depending on the strong or weak hair follicles, each separated by 1-2 weeks.

Permanent hair removal services IPL technology.




1 / Suppress permanent hair does not grow back

2 / To close the pores - skin whitening - all dark bronzed

3 / Make skin smooth, soft and shiny




Implementation process:

Step 1: Clean the skin hair removal needs

Step 2: Cleaning hair

Step 3: Apply the gel to hair removal

Step 4: Select the appropriate frequency for the type of hair and skin color

Step 5: Lighting helps light technology IPL hair thinning out and not grow back.
Step 6: Apply Cream skin care smooth, tighten pores, making skin smooth bright white coat thoroughly.


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