Eyelid tattoo absolute safety

Tattooed eyelids is one of the ways to increase the beauty and charm to the eyes. But, how "permanent makeup" for the eyes over time no longer fit the new aesthetic trend. This is why many women turn to Laser Toning. Toning Technology Laser tattoo removal at any position on the body especially the eyelids tattoos, thoroughly efficient, ensuring absolute safety and no scarring.

Laser tattoo removal eyelid toning safe and effective

Eyelid tattoo is one of the most difficult forms of tattoos require skill and precision . Mi thin skin areas , are vulnerable , on the same street tattoo eyelashes , and closely tied to the conjunctival layers and their selection method is very important .

As one of the prestigious beauty addresses many customers appreciate , Kangnam Salons with team doctors , experts have extensive experience in the field of beauty , Kangnam has successfully applied laser technology toning in tattoo removal treatment because of its safety and its effectiveness is very high on the eyelid tattoo . With the enthusiastic service , professional , dedicated and advanced technology , Laser Toning is guaranteed to be the optimal choice for customers .

Eyelid tattoos fit the circumstances ?

According to the esthetician 's salon Kangnam , the following cases are tailor-made tattoo eyelids :

- Color outmoded eyelids .

- Color eyelid color variation

- Elimination of colored eyelids tattooed faulty , not satisfied .

Eyelid tattooing is a form of beauty, many women are choosing

Mechanism of Laser tattoo removal works Toning

- Wavelength 1064nm wavelength is long so it affects the pigment layer in deep mesodermal layer, the dermis layer of the skin without damaging the surface. Eradicate the tattoo ink pigment in the innermost layer, without damaging the surrounding skin.

- Wavelength 532nm wavelength is short, only more impact on the agricultural class and take away the different pigments, totally overlooked.


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