Lip tattoo absolute safety

Lip tattoos help women to own lips fresh always. But due to a new color each season and each year a different style or a different variety of reasons that you want lip tattoos. Toning Technology Laser tattoo removal in most parts of the body, ensuring absolute safety, thoroughly efficient, no scarring.

Lip tattoos with laser technology in the salon Toning Kangnam

Laser tattoo removal technology Toning generation of advanced technology, are manufactured in the United States and is used quite common in countries with developing beauty industry as the U.S., South Korea, Thailand ... In Vietnam, Laser Toning salon Kangnam be imported and brought into the tattoo removed very successful, satisfied even the most demanding customers as a result of high tattoo, and ensure safe and not leave a scar.

Lip tattoos fit the circumstances?

According to the esthetician's salon Kangnam, the following cases are tailor-made lip tattoo:

- Flying squid lip color, pale.

- Lip color was unfashionable, color variation

- Removes lip color tattoo faulty, not satisfied.

- In case of illness ....

Lip tattoo is a form of beauty, many women are choosing

The proper way to remove tattoos lip

To remove tattoos there are many ways such as electrocautery , chemical , surgical , laser , depending on location .. tattoo , tattoo extent , require different aesthetic choices that each coordinate measures or measures to achieve the best performance .

With the structured environment rather special , thin skin , vulnerable , covered by mucosa and mucosa sale so the lip tattoo also requires special techniques . The top choice for tattoo removal in sensitive locations such as the Laser Toning technology environment .

Laser Technology Laser Toning is the next-generation high-end new generation , with a specific wavelength and dedicated ray player to the lining would separate impact on tattoo ink , tattoo ink layers are made ​​progressively eliminated by optical effects muscle tissue laser with the organization . This is a safe method of tattoo removal , leaving no scar , no damage surrounding skin , thus particularly suitable for tattoo removal lip area , both high efficiency and secure .

The mechanism of action of laser tattoo removal Toning

- Wavelength 1064nm wavelength is long so it affects the pigment layer in deep mesodermal layer , the dermis layer of the skin without damaging the surface . Eradicate the tattoo ink pigment in the innermost layer , without damaging the surrounding skin .

- Wavelength 532nm wavelength is short , only more impact on the agricultural class and take away the different pigments , totally overlooked .

Is the cost of tattoos and lip

Cost and time tattoo

Results after a course of tattoo ink tattoo removal is possible on demand blurry or completely, the skin of the lips back as the beginning without causing any complications.

Laser Toning With advanced technology, the team of doctors have many years of experience studying and working in top salons Korea, and the support of modern equipments, beauty salons orange Kangnam customers to bring the results desired lip tattoo, absolute safety, no burning, no scarring.


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