Tumor blood worrisome?

Tumor blood volume status of a tumor arising due to excessive proliferation of blood vessels caused . The tumor was characterized as a tumor more common , but they have a characteristic trait is filled with blood vessels and blood . Unlike other software tumors , often enlarged and developed over time , the majority of tumor blood benign and self-limited .
The nature of the tumor is the proliferation of blood vessels , is precisely the proliferation of endothelial cells causing lip . Because the tumor blood so if the tumor blood vessels ruptured blood will naturally hurt and bleeding .

Endemic infant

Tumor blood disease usually occurs in infants . Approximately 30 % of patients in the first month after the child is born . Left mostly occur in 1 year period . A small portion appears in adulthood .

Tumor blood is carrying the full features of the nature of a tumor properties except one , which is a benign tumor and shrink largely self in the later stages . Unlike other software tumors , often enlarged and developed over time . Up to a certain stage they can turn malignant . But mostly benign tumors of blood and heal itself .

U basically three types of blood capillaries u , u and u hang mixture forms . They can appear anywhere in the body at that position as long as there are many blood vessels . But often appear in skin blood u mainly. Only a small fraction appears in organs .

Often , people see u blood on the face , head , neck , buttocks , thighs . And usually in children . Only a handful appear in liver , pharynx , heart , spine . These types account for less and extremely common in adults. Most tumors occur in blood liver organ .

Its hallmark

U of blood is a common skin disease should recognize signs very simple . We have manifested in three levels. The first level is mild . Signs are changing color stain that is usually red , purple or bluish red . At this stage we rarely formed tumors , lumps or blocks . Most of them flat as an " infant " .

The second level is medium format . At this stage , tumor blood into tumor development actually . That is, they swayed , emerged the skin or into a block shape , size clearly . Of course , we still have the same color . It is the color of blood in the tumor .

Third level medium format but the same expression when accompanied by tumor rupture or complications . Often the bleeding if the skin tumor , rupture , ulceration if the tumor is deep within the software . In addition , the signs are specific organs where the tumor to blood up , put pressure on organs and organ intentionally .

U of blood are less likely to cause complications . So they went away by themselves in adulthood . Few cases exist and to grow up . But there are also some cases where no such place . Then, they can cause complications .

Complications of tumor blood generally less dangerous and rarely happens . Often, people do not question the complications of this disease . In some cases , please note that very rare , can be dangerous. Such as blood in the oropharynx tumors can cause shortness of breath when they're too big , blood in the heart u can reduce circulation of blood through the heart occupied by u , u blood in the spine can weaken bones , blood in the eye u can weaken eyesight , blood in liver tumors can clog some of managing security .

With the blood in skin tumors , not difficult to detect the disease . Although occasionally or misdiagnosed with skin scrapes or injuries software . But with blood in the deep visceral tumors , it is necessary to have specialized tests . Three tests or adjunctive diagnostic ultrasound , computerized tomography ( CT ) and magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) .
 U of blood often occurs in the face and neck.
How is it treated ?

As mentioned above , the majority of benign tumors of blood and does not need special treatment , we will correct itself shrink and disappear . But there are also smaller tumor blood that exists as a real tumor . This seriously affected the psychological and aesthetic patients. Treatment at this time is really useful .

In the first stage , smaller tumor blood will significantly with treatment . The drug can be applied corticosteroids (with oral , topical and injection directly into the tumor ) , chemical anti-cancer , beta blockers .

When medication does not result in remission or not as expected , then surgery is considered a radical measures . There are two basic methods of laser and surgical excision . Applying the method depends on the strategy of each treatment depends on the location and appearance of blood tumor . Often lase priority in the use of blood in case u shallow , surface and aesthetic sensitivity position as eyes, lips , nose , ears and face . Overall, the intervention in these cases is usually not too complicated . Very little blood when u organ to intervene surgically treated .
Dr. Nguyen Huyen Trang



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