Treatment of tumor blood

The method of treatment depends on the individual to the disease, each requiring different positions of the physician treatment choice for meeting requirements : from disease ; not cause harm to the development of the body ; aesthetic .

1 . The U of blood without treatment

Up to 90% of tumors are benign congenital blood . They will not disappear or grow again until the 5 -year-old child without treatment .

In this case, families should monitor tumor progression and should not surgical intervention , especially in areas u shielded by clothing, because they will not affect aesthetics . If necessary the person can use a bandage gently massaging the tumor , or used cream 5g Aumovate tumor dab thin layer 3 times , also limits the growth of tumors .



2 . U need treatment blood

Often with blood tumor , surgical intervention should be limited because it is complicated and high risk of recurrence , can cause death due to bleeding , more will leave bad scars on the body of patients . However, in some cases still need surgical intervention to not affect function or deformed body .

U blood treatment will depend on whether you see your doctor of any specialty : dermatology , plastic surgery , pediatrics , or other specialist , as yet to be agreed .

The method of treatment depends on the individual to the disease, each requiring different positions of the physician treatment choice for meeting requirements : from disease ; not cause harm to the development of the body ; aesthetic .

The tumor blood requires aggressive treatment of blood cancers that affect large or deformed body , rapid development , easy to cause complications or impede the function of hearing, seeing , breathing , eating or any the other functions of the body . For example, the tumor cavity and eyelids , parotid gland , the epiglottis ... Also, the large blood tumor regression order will leave the rut in skin disfiguring surgery will be kind away .



Laser method

The tumor was discovered when blood are lying in the shallow surface of the skin and can be treated with laser immediately . Need for early treatment will reduce the effective laser go if delayed .

The laser will select red and shrink the blood vessels so will gradually remove red tumor , and sequelae are a few scars most attention . Repeated treatment can eliminate nearly all of the ingredients in shallow layers . However, because the laser is capable of penetrating only about 1 - 3mm , it can not work in the deeper components .

Injectable steroids and oral

If the damaged area is relatively small and can not lie on the steroid injections into the wound can be done with or methods with liquid nitrogen cryosurgery . If u have blood in the shallow surface layer , the laser can be used to reduce the components located on the surface along with steroid injection .

The case of larger tumors need blood was treated with oral steroids . Steroid dose is relatively large for the young but have good tolerability . Many children are treated with steroids will need to undergo a few tests slowly taper .

Current formula is for children to drink at an initial dose within 4-6 weeks and then start tapering . If u blood back development , children need to go back to the first dose in 4 weeks and then tapered back . When the dose reduced blood no longer makes u grow back again , she may be quitting safely .
Alpha - interferon injection

Are encouraged to use the blood in the case u do not respond to steroids . The study showed that the rate of tumor blood steroid therapy only meet about 30 % . In addition, this method is also used to treat lesions difficult to treat or life-threatening .

However, this method has the potential to cause complications . 2 lower limb spasticity ( spastic dysplegia ) related to approximately 10-12 % of children using alpha - interferon should be cautious when using maximum . 2 lower limb spasticity can make walking or slow children meet other abnormalities on functional movement .

Surgery should not be the first choice of treatment . However there are some cases where lesions develop very fast , life-threatening or disfiguring the patient's body outside and does not respond to most treatments positive . This case had to resort to surgery .

For the case of tumor blood is not significantly reduced in the presence of the age range in size from 2 to 3 years , or the untreated tumor blood but no signs of shrinking next few years should be surgery . However, such cases are rare . Most blood u have a good prognosis if they are to saddle . Some experts say to wait and track along with massage therapy is best .


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