U of blood in liver disease and have nothing to endanger the patient's life?

Lots of blood in patients with liver tumors injury fear as this is a manifestation of liver cancer . Most of them were discovered by chance when a examination or tests checkup . So far there has been no effective medications or diminishing the size of the tumor . It is only when treating large tumors and cause symptoms such as severe pain in liver circuit nodes or partial resection of the liver . However, if the liver tumor break off and endanger lives .
What causes blood in liver tumors
Causes of blood in liver tumors so far unknown , female sex hormones may play a role in the formation and development of blood u . Although known as a tumor , but this is very benign tumors are rarely malignant . U of blood not only present in the liver that may appear in any location of the body . U have 2 be blood in the liver : can capillaries ( capillary hemangioma ) and the corpus cavernosum ( Cavernous hemangioma ) .

U of blood in the liver dangerous ?
Image of liver tumor blood
Most liver tumors without blood in the treatment of benign mass because it is rarely malignant . U of blood in the liver with symptoms that are not mostly discovered by accident in the case , such as health screening , liver ultrasound or computerized tomography . When discovered , the small tumors less than 1cm , can sometimes be very large with dimensions greater than 4 cm . U can blood a block or several blocks .
In a few cases the blood tumor size greater than 4 cm or located near the liver caused compression or tumor thrombus in causing the symptoms : abdominal pain , nausea or hepatomegaly . Rarely liver tumors in natural blood that normally breaks down when falling or injury to the liver . However, when broken blood u can also endanger lives .
Monitoring and treatment of liver tumors in blood
Patients discovered blood in liver tumors often have anxiety and seek therapy . So far no effective medications or diminishing the size of the tumor . It is only when treating large tumors and cause symptoms such as pain or a lot of buttons hepatic artery resection of liver part .
It has been suggested that female hormones ( estrogen ) can make tumors grow blood so as to detect blood in the liver tumor should not take any medications containing estrogen prolonged , such as birth control pills . For those who have blood in liver tumors need periodic inspection , ultrasonic January 6 times to monitor the size of the tumor blood . For those who have large tumors need blood taken to avoid bumping into the broken ribs to cause tumors .
According to the doctor 's Clinic 12 Kim codes , most of the blood in the liver tumors are benign , however does not mean that all the patients , no follow-up and treatment . People with liver tumors need blood in a periodic health examination to understand their condition , from which measures timely treatment and appropriate , avoid tumor rupture which can be fatal for patients .


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