How to remove color pigment less

I have a brown birthmark (less milk coffee) very big in the back, there are approximately 30cm wide vertical. In addition to color different from normal skin, it does not have any other symptoms. After studying, I know that can be treated with laser, doctors expect consultants to assist in this method. (Reply)

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Less red or red dots are inlaid brown, flat, well-defined size from 2cm to 20cm. This is due to its concentration pigment cells and pigment phenomenal increase in the basal layer and stratum corneum of the skin. There have been many treatments are applied as surgery, skin grafts, skin cells, combustion air, electrocautery, or radiation, and tattoo art. However, all methods that are less likely to have cosmetic result.
In recent years , laser technology that is specifically Q -switched Yag Laser development has brought results in the treatment of this pathology .

High-Energy Laser in line Q -switched Yag new generation high gain is 1.200mj . This allows energy level laser and deep impact strong enough to take the final layer of the skin and thoroughly resolve the vulnerability that with low energy levels can not be settled as melasma or congenital eczema ( eczema blue , indigo red , indigo brown ... ) .

Ray frequencies ( Frequency ) up to 10Hz ( with the usual machine -ray frequency 1 - 7Hz ) as the pathological lesions affected continuous deluge so easily eliminated . Combined with 2 1.064nm and 532nm wavelengths , this method allows the machine spectrum efficiency with the different pigments of the skin .

Q -switched Yag Laser can help your doctor choose the treatment for each pathological lesions and skin of the patient groups , provide good therapeutic results . With therapy approximately 7-10 times the distance between the 4-6 week treatment , this technology can help you reduce from 50 % to 90 % less color pigment .


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