The most effective solution for the treatment of hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in the body that increases the amount of black pigment ( melanin ) causing an abnormal skin color changes than usual . This change may be darker or lighter color go , even lost color . Dark pigment melanin to protect the skin serves us against the harmful effects of the sun . However, if an excessive increase will lead to the disorder of skin pigmentation makes the skin lose serious aesthetic .

The typical case of skin hyperpigmentation

Melasma : Melasma more common in women , mainly due cause endocrine disorders , caused by UV rays of the sun , by the use of improper cosmetics ... Melasma usually appears as patches brown on the cheeks , forehead , chin , upper lip , nose , .... Melasma can be located at all layers of the skin ( epidermis , dermis or mesoderm ) .

Less pigmented powder pigments Two common Hori and Ota . We have the array expression is round or flat flat with patchy gray , blue-gray , blue-black or brown . Less commonly encountered pigment in the face, one side or two- side symmetry . Reduce pigmentation is due to melanin plays plaques , may be located in all layers of the skin ( epidermis , dermis or mesoderm ) .

Freckles : Freckles are round spots are small , flat surface , appear on any area in the skin , freckles color can be brown, tan or black or even red with characteristics general is always darker than the skin color around it .

Innovation: Innovation is the skin brown to black spots , small size to uneven , sporadic occurrence on the skin , mainly in the neck , back of hands , sides of the face and balding in the frontal region head . Common renewed at age 50 - 60 , but sometimes appear in middle age . The tortoise nodules usually affects only aesthetically , not the signs of skin cancer or other skin diseases .

After -inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( dark marks ) : All " events " such as traumatic skin wounds , burns , acne ... can cause post -inflammatory hyperpigmentation .

Eye dark circles : The status of dark eye circles than the other skin around the eyes . Meet in both men and women , from middle age onwards .


Hyperpigmentation treatment, to combine "the internal" and "external"


Because the cause of the phenomenon hyperpigmentation both objective and subjective , so the laser coordinate - topical - oral medications is the most effective way to " beat " the vagaries of skin pigmentation .

Laser has made a new breakthrough in the treatment of hyperpigmentation . Many cases of skin hyperpigmentation has been removed by the as Fractional CO2 laser , Q - switch Nd - YAG , IPL ... Recently, the laser pulse length , particularly on pigmentation treatment showed clear clinical results than in the treatment of skin pigmentation , especially the type of hyperpigmentation that other treatments are not effective . It is important that physicians experience in identifying the right type of laser parameters as well as the appropriate treatment for each type of hyperpigmentation will help determine the success of treatment .

Combined laser treatment - topical medications - medications containing the ingredient Hydroquinone , tretinoin , kojic acid to help whiten skin , inhibit melanin formation , promote the production of phagocytosis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and proliferation of new cells , helping to clean up the black melanoma cells better .

Besides treating pigmentation disorders , you should also take precautions to protect skin against the harmful effect of the sun , provide adequate vitamin necessary for the skin to maintain skin whiter , smooth unblemished wound .


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