Lightening cheek and cheek moiNam hill and tortoise

Year that the tortoise noun medicine called melasma and cholasma. As a form of the disease increased melanin pigmentation reduce dark brown or green, uniform or speckled. Usually appear on the cheeks, upper lip, chin and forehead, tortoise also common in the hands and feet. Disease in women having more than men. Those of race or skin color is darker than the color of the morning race. Patients few appear before puberty, most commonly after childbirth.


Miss Hao pretreatment
Common causes are hormonal and sunshine . Regarding caused by sunlight , ultraviolet radiation can cause lipid peroxidation of cell membranes leading to the creation of free radicals , stimulate cellular dark melanin overproduction . This explains why people in areas with high solar radiation or summers or more sick . Regarding cause endocrine , female hormone related so remarkably common in pregnancy and women of childbearing over time , even more people with skin pigmentation caused by birth control pills . However certain hormones and pathogenic mechanisms of modern medicine is still unclear , this explains why the pharmacy and cosmetics are limited in treatment . The treatment of diseases of the ovaries, thyroid and some cosmetics are also causes skin pigmentation .
Distribution of excess melanin pigmentation of skin color deciding if localized in epidermal melanin , the brown pigmentation , melanin localized in the foot if the packaging has that black green pigmentation .

Miss Hao after treatment
Why traditional medicines are highly effective when treating melasma , age spots . Agree that the cause is due to weight gain and causes waste , oriental medicine works celiac regulate hormonal balance , evenly distributed melanin which have the effect of treatment and prevention of disease .
Coordinate chemical properties with high technology in the treatment of pigmentation ( hyperpigmentation cheek tortoise , freckles , pigmentation less ... ) is a strength of Elite Medical Center +14 12 Nguyen Nhu Street Pour , Van Mieu , Dong Da District, Hanoi . In case of Nguyen Thi Hao , address 5/13 Tam Da, Thuy Khue , Tay Ho , Hanoi is a very typical case . 3 years ago , he has been a Professor Hao French examination and treatment that can not be because of the level of pigmentation , age spots cause severe and complex .
But when we see the images before and after treatment at Elite Medical Center , people have to understand why she is good so happy and proud of the people as a traditional medicine of the country .


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