What are age spots?

Hawksbill is brown to black spots, small size to uneven, can appear anywhere on the body where there is aging. Mainly the neck, back of hands, arms, sides of the face and in the bald forehead., Especially her cheeks, hands and even chest. They usually appear in the skin and premature aging in the period 35 to 40 years of age or older. The tortoise therapy is not simple, it is difficult to use a cream to remove age spots effects completely.


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What causes age spots :

- The main cause is the sun and endocrinology . Regarding caused by sunlight , ultraviolet radiation can cause lipid peroxidation of cell membranes leading to the creation of free radicals , stimulate cellular dark melanin overproduction . People with light skin will easily be the tortoise than dark skin .

- When you start entering the middle stage , self -rejection capability of the skin begins to wane , leading to a build up of melanin pigment (called hyperpigmentation ) or the formation of brown spots ( called the hill bait ) deposited on the surface of the skin .

- There are also many other factors that affect the process of rapid development of age spots as hormonal changes during pregnancy , environment , genetics , by using some antibiotics , drug related relating to nervous ... cosmetics, essential oils ...

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Where applicable:

- Skin age spots, brown or black

- From age 35-40 onwards


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Hawksbill is brown to black spots , small size to uneven , sporadic occurrence on the skin , mainly in the neck , back of hands , arms , sides of the face and in the bald forehead . Common skin tortoise aged 50 - 60 cause Hawksbill is brown to black spots , small size to uneven , sporadic occurrence on the ...

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